Nov 3, 2013

I am Back & The Autumn Tag

Oh my god I cannot believe that my last post on Feminine23 was exactly 2 months ago. What a shame on me!!! Last few months was quite interesting. Life went upside down and there was moments I thought I would give up (not on on blogging but other things in my personal life). Thanks God that I have my boyfriend who is by my side to support and give me strength. So right now, I feel great and excited for bright things ahead. I conquer any challenges!

Alright, so it's autumn here in Finland! I heard somewhere up North has started snowing already. But in Helsinki where I'm living now, it is just chilly and rainny. The temperature is around 0 to 10 C degrees during night and day. This morning I looked outside through the window and was shocked. It reminded me of the movie "The Mist": super foggy. Seriously, autumn and winter can easily cause depression. I actually experienced it a few week ago when the weather was getting colder and darker. But badminton saves my life! I got back to long lost hobby and it helps me to gain energy and boost my mood during the dark season. So here is my advice for anybody suffering from dark, gloomy weather: do sports, get active!


It might be a bit late for the autumn tag!? But who cares :) There are quite many different kinds of autumn tags circling around. I read all through and only picked up things I'd love to answer. Let's get started!

Favorite thing about autumn: Its coziness. The winter is way too cold that people just stack with many layers of clothes. But autumn is cold enough that you can still dress warm yet stylish. The atmosphere that autumn gives is much more warm-hearted. Plus, autumn means holiday. A lot of days off await.

Favorite place to be: Probably home or the badminton court! Normally I'd like to stay home and cook something hot and good for myself. The weather kinda makes me lazy for going out. But if anyone is up for a badminton training with me, I'm all ready for it.

Favorite autumn color: Mustard yellow or warm red orange, especially for house decoration. Too bad that I don't look good on such color, otherwise I'd like to have a mustard yellow beanie or scarf.

Favorite fall activity: I don't really have any favorite activity particularly for autumn. But in autumn I tend to stay home and be lazy in front of my computer more than often. So probably I'd read blogs and write more blogs :)

Favorite autumn clothing items: Ankle boots. I never can have enough of ankle boots. A few warm cozy sweater that I can rotate. A few pairs of thick legging/jegging to keep me warm and fashionable at the same time

How about you? If you do an autumn tag post, please leave the link below so I can check out! Happy Autumn!


  1. loved this! your blog is beautiful

  2. It's nice to see you back I was wondering where you were. The weather is cooling down here as well and I love it bc it gets SO HOT in the summer time.

    1. Haha I just want to move back to exotic Asia now. Too cold here. And yes, I'm back to the blogging world


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