Nov 4, 2013

DAILY EATS | Rice Burgers

I love noodles and rice. It is always exciting for me to look for different ways to cook noodles and rice, especially from other Asian cuisines. I actually heard about rice burgers long time ago but never actually tried to make them. Of course, since I have never tasted it, I couldn't know how authentic my version is. But I still wanted to give it a try. And the result turned out great.

So, today I share with you my recipe. It is very very simple, only the rice "burger bun" filled with Asian-styled marinated beef and cucumber and tomato. Next time, I probably will try with more fillings such as sesame or kimchi. Actually you can fill in with anything up to your own choice and creativity. If you come up with any other fillings than mine below, please share!!!

Let's get started
  • Short-grain rice or sushi rice. I used porridge rice (puuroriisi). In general, you need some kind of sticky rice in order to make the rice patty
  • Sliced beef
  • Cucumber & tomato
  • Soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce
How to make:
  1. Cook the rice. If you don't use sushi rice, remember to add a little extra water than usual for short-grain rice to make it soft and sticky
  2. Marinate the beef with soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce. Mix well and let it stay for 15mins. Honestly I didn't measure how much sauce and oil I used. We Asian use our common sense and experience for marinate and taste. But remember don't put too much soy and oyster sauce otherwise it turns too salty. 
  3. Mold the rice by using a ring mold. Heat the pan on medium heat and place the rice patties for a few minutes until they turn slightly brown and crusty. 
  4. Set the rice patties aside and cook the beef. Stir fry the beef on high heat until they are well cooked. Now you can put the rice patties back on the pan so they can absorb the extracts from the beef and gain more flavors. 
  5. Display as in the picture and serve.
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  1. I love rice burgers!! Your version looks delish~~

  2. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Never heard of rice burgers before - they look good!

    Have the best day ever,

  3. This is a very brilliant dish and even looks delicious. If this just came out of imagination, i can say that this is really genius. Those people who can't resist rice will surely love this. Thanks for sharing!

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